Why Hire Us?


Safety,  Professionalism, and Value 

We know the our industry. We have tested most outdoor Christmas and holiday lighting products and we know what works.  We have done hours of research.  Our first goal is to get you the highest quality products at a very competitive price. This will give you years of enjoyment with the lowest cost maintenance.

We have all been there, you climb up in the attic and pull the lights that worked the last time you saw them, and now…frustration, time, money and then trash. Or, the ladder, up, down, up, down, reach, reach further, crash. Lets be honest, how many times do you set and climb ladders and work off of a roof each year? It is dangerous! People are seriously injured or worse each year installing Christmas lights.  The risk isn’t worth it.   Let us take this risk for you.  You call, we install in a handful of hours, we remove and store.  We are on and off your house in a fraction of the time it would take the everyday homeowner to complete the install job. How much is your time and well being worth? Everything is professionally installed and custom cut to your house. You can customize however you would like.  We love what we do, so let us do what we do.