Question: Are your Lights different than the ones I can purchase at my local Big Box Store.
Answer: Yes. All of our light hardware is commercial grade custom hardware. This hardware is not available at your Big Box Store.

Question: How long do the lights last?
Answer: Typically 3-5 seasons.  However it isn’t unusual for them to last longer.

Question: Do you store my lights?
Answer: We take care of your lights from install, removal and storage. They are always treated with care in our secure storage. This allows us to service the hardware in the off season and to make sure it is available during your install time

Question: When do you take the lights down?
Answer: We will remove the lights shortly after January 1st. We will box them up and take them to our secure storage where they will stay safe until next season.

Question: I already have lights, can you install my lights?
Answer: Not typically.  We use commercial grade lighting and avoid using non-commercial customer provided hardware.  However if you have commercial lights we we are open to using your lights.

Question: How soon could you install my lights?
Answer: We start booking installations at the end of October. Openings do fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate scheduling your install.  You can get a discount for early install times as well.

Question: Are you insured?
Answer: Yes, we are fully insured for liability.

Question: Are LEDs more energy efficient than incandescent?
Answer: Yes. LEDs are 90% more efficient. For instance a typical C9 incandescent can consume up to 10 watts per bulb. A commercial C9 LED that we use with 5 diodes only consumes 1 watt per bulb. (more info)

Question: Will an electrician need to be involved?
Answer: Not typically. We test your available outlets to make sure they can safely provide sufficient power for your project. If your available power is not adequate or you have a particularly large project we may need to bring in our certified electrician to add capacity.