Christmas Light Pros is owned and operated by an off-duty firefighter with many years of experience installing Christmas lights in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Relax this holiday season and let us be your Christmas Light Pros. Whether you need your home decked out with Christmas lights, your office, or your subdivision, we have it all covered. Quality is at the core of everything we do. We specialize in professional Christmas light installation and utilize the most modern commercial lighting hardware for your home or business. You will get full service, turn-key light installation; including consultation and design, custom cut lights, removal, and even off-season off-site storage. Our team works on residential, commercial, community, and subdivision/HOA Holiday lighting.Book with us today and experience the highest quality of professional lighting service.



Residential Christmas Lights

Relax this Christmas season and let the professionals decorate you your home. There’s nothing like the sight of a beautifully decorated home with dazzling lights to signal the holidays. We love to see our communities sparkling with magnificent light and festive displays, and what can be more joyous this time of year with the holidays coming alive with the magic of glittering lights? Crafting a winter wonderland with lights, garlands, and wreaths, takes time and hard work and expertise to produce that perfect touch of holiday cheer for your home. We would like to reflect your holiday cheer with professionalism and elegance.


Commercial Christmas Lights

The holiday season is a very busy time for most businesses.  Allow us to design, install, and maintain your business’s holiday lighting and decor so can focus on what is important; your family, business, and clients. Free standing buildings, shopping centers, shopping complexes, and large office buildings, we have done it all. We are fully insured and are accustom to working in busy commercial environments with no or minimal disruption. Reach out to us today and we can visit with you to discuss your requirements.



Are you an officer for your HOA, design committee member for your subdivision or community, or a resident who is interested in having your neighborhood decorated this Christmas season? Reach out to us to discuss your requirements. From modest entry decorations to elaborate themes will we will work with you to provide a beautiful design to meet your communities budget. Maybe all or group of the residents would like to get a community discount on decorating multiple homes in the neighborhood.


We have all been there, you climb up in the attic and pull the lights that worked the last time you saw them, and now…frustration, time, money and then trash. Or, the ladder, up, down, up, down, reach, reach further, crash. Let’s be honest, how many times do you set and climb ladders and work off of a roof each year? It is dangerous!

People are seriously injured or worse each year installing Christmas lights.  The risk isn’t worth it.   Let us take this risk for you.  You call, we install in a handful of hours, we remove and store.  We are on and off your house in a fraction of the time it would take the everyday homeowner to complete the install job.

How much is your time and well being worth? Everything is professionally installed and custom cut to your house. You can customize however you would like.  We love what we do, so let us do what we do.



We are proud to provide our services in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

  • Allen
  • Carrollton
  • Colleyville
  • Coppell
  • Dallas
  • Fairview
  • Farmers Branch
  • Flower Mound
  • Fort Worth
  • Frisco
  • Grapevine
  • Irving
  • Keller
  • Las Colinas
  • Lewisville
  • Little Elm
  • Lucas
  • McKinney
  • Parker
  • Plano
  • Prosper
  • Richardson
  • Roanoke
  • Sachse
  • Southlake
  • The Colony
  • Trophy Club
  • Westlake


Are your Lights different than the ones I can purchase at my local Big Box Store?

Yes. All of our light hardware is commercial grade custom hardware. This hardware is not available at your Big Box Store.

How long do the lights last?

Typically 3-5 seasons.  However, it isn’t unusual for them to last longer.

Do you store my lights?

We take care of your lights from install, removal, and storage. They are always treated with care in our secure storage. This allows us to service the hardware in the offseason and to make sure it is available during your install time

When do you take the lights down?

We will remove the lights shortly after January 1st. We will box them up and take them to our secure storage where they will stay safe until next season

I already have lights, can you install my lights?

We use commercial grade lighting and avoid using non-commercial customer provided hardware.  However, if you have commercial lights we are open to using your lights.

How soon could you install my lights?

We start booking installations at the end of October. Openings do fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to schedule your install.  You can get a discount for early install times as well.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for liability.

Are LEDs more energy efficient than incandescent?

Yes. LEDs are 90% more efficient. For instance, a typical C9 incandescent can consume up to 10 watts per bulb. A commercial C9 LED that we use with 5 diodes only consumes 1 watt per bulb. (more info)

Will an electrician need to be involved?

Not typically. We test your available outlets to make sure they can safely provide sufficient power for your project. If your available power is not adequate or you have a particularly large project we may need to bring in our certified electrician to add capacity.


While we certainly offer bot LED and Incandescent Christmas Light Bulbs we recommend LED for several reasons…

Energy Efficient…
LED Bulbs are far more energy efficient that traditional Incandescent Bulbs.  As you can see from the below table the LED bulbs are approximately 20 times more efficient.

C9 LAMP Number of Lamps Wattage Used per Lamp (W) Real Power (W) Kilowatts per Hour Avg. Cost per Kilowatt Hour (KWh) Cost per Hour $ Saved per Hour
Incandescent 500 7 3500 3.5 $.012 $.42 $.40
LED 500 .35 175 0.175 $.012 $.02

Reliability and Durability…

Reliability: LED’s can last up to 25-50,000 hours versus and life span of 1000 hours seen in some traditional incandescent bulbs.

Durability: Unlike the fragile glass and filament of traditional glass bulbs our LED bulbs are have a total of five redundant LED’s per bulb that are not fragile to handling or the elements.  Each LED and other electrical components of each of our LED bulbs are protected by a durable plastic lens and plastic shell.  Also if one or four LED diodes fail in a bulb the bulb stays lit.


LED Christmas bulbs are super bright, cool to the touch bulbs, making them safe for use in home and commercial displays.  They can be used on any live or artificial trees.  Because of the minimal power usage there is much electrical resistance allowing them to burn cool and able to run many more bulbs on a circuit safely.

LED Christmas bulbs are made of plastic so in the unlikely event the bulb is broken the there are no dangerous glass chards or filament wires.


With advances in LED technology there are many choices in colors, hues, sizes, and shapes that are not available and in some cases not possible with incandescent bulbs.  For instance there are multiple hues of white.  Warm White like the traditional incandescent bulbs, pure white, and cool white.  Other colors include red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink.


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